The seven singers of Groove for Thought have been blowing audiences away for over fifteen years. Performing classic tunes in a jazz style unlike anything you’ve ever heard, the group combines the swinging style of The Manhattan Transfer with the smooth sounds of Take 6. Groove for Thought is proud to announce the release of their latest recording Unnecessary Dissonance.

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Dissonance is Always Necessary

Posted on: November 25th, 2014 by Stephanie No Comments

cdcover_unnecessarydissonanceI love the process of making CDs with Groove for Thought.

To be fair, I don’t have to do the bulk of the work. Kelly is the one spending endless hours in the studio, and I just show up to sing into a can and go home (like the diva we all know I am).

But I also love having an audio recording of a snapshot in time. Listening to our past CDs is a little like watching reruns; it’s even better than photos for my memory recall. Plus, they’re an easy shortcut to warming up in my car on the way to rehearsals or performances (when my chauffeur and vocal coach aren’t available at least). (more…)

A New Project In The Works

Posted on: July 27th, 2014 by Amanda No Comments


Hey groovy people!

We have big fancy exciting news for everyone. Last summer, we arranged and tracked and partied and beat our heads against the wall making our Christmas album, Songs of Good Cheer. Two-ish years before that, we released an album full of songs that have inspired all of us over the years (cleverly titled Inspired). And of course, GFT’s kickin first album, Groove for Thought. #backintheday #boybands #iwasaninfant (not sure I should have hashtags in a blog, but I went for it.)

WELL! If you enjoyed those albums, YOU’RE IN LUCK!!! Over the past couple months, (more…)

(Partly) Sunny Southern California

Posted on: April 7th, 2014 by Jeff No Comments


I wasn’t kidding when I joked from the stage that the partly cloudy day with temperatures in the mid-60’s was the nicest day we’d seen in quite a while. As this has been one of the wettest Marches on record in Seattle (and that’s saying something), we couldn’t wait to head south for a few days to the Oceanside Jazz Festival at Mira Costa College. In all of our groove For Thought travels, we haven’t made it to Southern California nearly as often as we’d like. We were greeted by some of the most welcoming hosts we’ve ever had, the Frequency Vocal Jazz Ensemble led by Matt Falker, and we got to spend some time experiencing the local collegiate and high school vocal jazz scene. We had a blast hearing some great groups over two days (shout out to Glynis Davies and the Jazz and Tonic group from CSU Long Beach – wow!), and we loved sharing the stage with Frequency to close our show. And what a great crowd! Thanks to everyone for helping to make it a fantastic weekend! Hope to see y’all again soon.